Pre - Classes (Playgroup to UKG)

The Pre-K.G program is designed to cater to the developmental requirements of children between 2.5yrs - 5.5yrs. Children learn to speak the alphabet in a sequential, rhyming manner and also write alphabets in the upper case. They are encouraged to frame and speak simple sentences using words learnt through themes.

Our preschool program encourages their creativity and imaginative skills, through story-telling sessions and circle-time sessions. The understanding of numbers and pre-math skills builds critical thinking and problem solving skills. Personal Values are taught through series of story books which is enacted through puppets. Through role plays and group games, children learn more about themselves, others and their environment

Nursery Classes (1st Std to 5th Std)

The writing and communication skills of the students are nurtured. They are introduced to the library and reading habit is cultivated.

Basic mathematics and social sciences are taught patiently. Karate, yoga, arts and crafts, sports are introduced.



Higher Classes (6th Std to 10th Std)

Children are introduced to labs and practical skills are developed. Olympiads, quizzes and interschool and intra school competitions are given importance to unlock the potential of the students. Excursions are conducted in regular intervals.

Students are trained to take on board and competitive exams. Career guidance is given by experienced faculty